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e-Energy by Nipponflex

Wellness Kit Premium

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e-Energy Wellness Kit Premium 2021
ATTENTION: Just buy this Kit if you will become an Independent Consultant. If you want to learn more about our Business Opportunity, please click here

Optional purchase if you already have any Nipponflex Scientific Sleeping System. Contact Nipponflex for more information here

Our Wellness Kit Premium 2021 include:

  • 1x Íon Balls
  • 1x Squeeze
  • 1x Large FIR ION Bracelet in black color
  • 1 pair of Insole sample size 
  • 1x e-Energy Button

Benefits of the FIR Power may:

  • Helps achieve deep and restful sleep
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Promotes yield in physical activities
  • Prevents and fights stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps blood pressure
  • Relieves pain and fevers
  • Increase calcium concentration
  • Assists in some cases of diabetes
  • Assists in some cases of fibromyalgia
  • Helps expel toxins from the body
  • Collaborates in osteoarticular treatment

Benefits of the Magnetic Field (Neodymium) may:

  • Helps cellular physiological activities
  • Supports organism endurance
  • Contributes for a better blood circulation and oxygenation
  • Helps on pain relief

Prices does not include tax and delivery fee

Wellness Kit Premium

Wellness Kit Premium

  • Magnets Product Information

    Magnets are prohibited for persons who use or have:

    Pacemakers, Neurostimulators, Defibrillators, Insulin Pumps, Cochlear Implants, other implants with batteries.

    The magnetic field can cause interference in the battery operation.

  • Warranty Terms and Return Policy

    90-day warranty with 7-day return policy. For more information, please visit our Refund Policy.

  • Disclosure

    Results may vary and are not guaranteed. This product does not substitute any medical treatment.

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