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Welcome to the Nipponflex world.

Nipponflex develop an exclusive model of opportunity: Nipponflex Reverse Marketing System.

Nipponflex Reverse Marketing System includes an unlimited number of Independent Consultants (I.C.) and Independent Distributors (I.D.’s), which are educated according to some predetermined criteria. 

Nipponflex Exclusive Reverse Marketing system is a legitimate, ethical and a viable opportunity.


Products: Our research and development departments in Brazil and Japan, have conducted cutting-edge research, which has enabled us to develop products with high quality standards, acquire certifications of international recognition and expand our global footprint.

The focus of our marketing system is to promote retail sales, for personal use, making customers aware of the characteristics of our products. We believe that a satisfied customer is the perfect person to recommend our products.

Learn how to develop our business: there are no membership fees or monthly fees. It is not a franchise system and for our first level is not necessary to purchase marketing materials, advertising, sales support and / or purchase product inventory.

We develop 3 levels of opportunities:

1. Preferred Customer: 
  • It is completely free to join as a Preferred Customer.
  • You will earn a commission for referral your friends to buy our products.
  • There are some limitations as a only receive commission for the first order of each friend referred and not be able to develop your own sales team and earn additional commissions.

2. Independent Consultant: 

  • That is our entry level and you must purchase our Wellness Kit to become an Independent Consultant.
  • As an Independent Consultant you will receive commissions and discounts as well you will be able to develop your own sales team.

3. Independent Distributor

  • Exclusive level only for Independent Consultants that meet some criteria over the time.
  • You have more commissions and discounts and will be able to participate in our graduation plan.