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e-Energy by Nipponflex

Magnetic Insole Black

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Magnetic Insole Black - e-Energy/Nipponflex

The Magnetic Insole E-energy by Nipponflex were designed to provide comfort and well-being. The insole contain a relief that makes contact with large number of nerves ending in our feet, providing a comfortable feel. Perforations in the insole contribute to regulating the temperature of feet, helping reduce humidity. The eucalyptus extract permeated into the composition, helps combat fungus and bacterial growth.

  • Flexible PVC impregnated with FIR NG
  • 14 Magnetics tablets per pair
  • 4 FIR NG tablets per  pair 
  • Impregnated with Far Infra-Red Powder

Size Charts:

  • Medium M: 4.5 - 7.5 or W: 5 - 9  (Adjustable)
  • Large M: 7.5 - 12.5 or W: 9 - 14 (Adjustable)

Benefits of the FIR Power may:

  • Helps achieve deep and restful sleep
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Promotes yield in physical activities
  • Prevents and fights stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps blood pressure
  • Relieves pain and fevers
  • Increase calcium concentration
  • Assists in some cases of diabetes
  • Assists in some cases of fibromyalgia
  • Helps expel toxins from the body
  • Collaborates in osteoarticular treatment

Benefits of the Magnetic Field (Neodymium) may:

  • Helps cellular physiological activities
  • Supports organism endurance
  • Contributes for a better blood circulation and oxygenation
  • Helps on pain relief

Magnets are prohibited for persons who use or have:

  • Pacemakers
  • Neuro-estimulators
  • Defibrillators
  • Insulin Pumps
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Other implants with batteries

The magnetic field can cause interference in the battery operation.

Disclosure: Results may vary and are not guaranteed. This product does not substitute any medical treatment.

Prices does not include tax and delivery fee

Magnetic Insole Black

Magnetic Insole Black

  • Informações do Produto Magnetos

    São proibidos OS ímanes para pessoas que utilizam ou têm:

    Pacemakers, Neuroestimuladores, Defibriladores, Bombas de Insulin, Implantes Cochler, outros implantes com baterias.

    O Campo magnético Pode causar interferência Na operação Da bateria.

  • Termos de garantia e política de devolução

    90-day garantia com política de Retorno de 7-dias.Para Mais informações, visite a nossa Política de Refugiados.

  • Divulgação

    Os resultados podem variar e não estão garantidos.Este Produto não substitui nenhum tratamento médico.

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