About Us


Nipponflex was founded in the year 2000, but our world Chairman has been in this industry since 1987.

Nipponflex Group includes Nipponflex, Nipponflex Holding International and e-Energy and also other important companies in our segment.

The company uses exclusive technologies to offer powerful solutions in comfort and welfare, always with elegance and maximum quality.



e-Energy is part of the Nipponflex Group and has on of the most successful business model in the current market.

  • Mission: Manufacture high technology products to promote well-being to our customers.
  • Vision: Become a global company and a leader in the well-being segment, helping people achieve financial development.
  • Values: Customer satisfaction, working with honesty, transparency, commitment, ethics and respect.

    Our History

    The Founder and World President of Nipponflex Group, Mr. Valdenir Gonçalves de Sales is a visionary and a pioneer. 

    In 1988, he exported the first magnetic Sleeping System to Europe. Realizing the potential of that market, in the same year he set up a distribution center in Portugal. In 1992, through a joint venture, he set up a factory in that country. The following year, successfully he expanded the business to several countries in Europe. In 1996, he sold his stake in that company.

    In October of 1999 Mr. Sales started the Nipponflex project and the activities began in March of 2000. Unifying his knowledge with his dreams, along with research, he created a technologically advanced option that forever revolutionized the way mattresses will be manufactured, in this way jumping barriers, breaking old concepts and going far beyond than a simple mattress. “We can say that Nipponflex does not manufacture mattresses, but, true and futurist Scientific Sleeping Systems” – Valdenir Sales.

    Nipponflex is the world leader and pioneer in developing and producing SCIENTIFIC SLEEPING SYSTEMS with state-of-the-art technologies and high quality. Nipponflex uses proprietary technologies and powerful components combined with elegance, comfort and good taste.