Our Executives


Every day we work, live and build our history. We believe that God gave us the gift of life so that we can grow and make a difference in the world we live in.
Day after day, together, we continue to develop Nipponflex. A dream that became a solid company, built with innovative work, friendship, trust, recognition and entrepreneurship.
All those who work directly or indirectly at Nipponflex are somehow contributing to their own growth and the growth of the company.

Every year we surprise ourselves with the work and dedication of our business partners, which increasingly multiply, with determination, will to win, dreams, goals and defined objectives, pursuing their own results.

We recognize the importance of those who work with us: resellers, suppliers, customers, employees, friends and family, and people who dream together and participate in our victories and successes.
At Nipponflex our greatest asset are the people who are in all levels of the organization and give their best every day.

It is evaluating our own performance with self-criticism and determination that we achieve the desired results.
We believe in God, in our hard work and our human capability to continue to develop and walk in the path of success.

Mr. Valdenir Sales – Nipponflex Founder and World Chairman.