Partner Kit

Dear Partner, welcome to the world of Nipponflex!

From now you will become a Nipponflex Independent Associate (IA) and there are some levels:

Level 1 - Independent Premium Consultant (IC)

Level 2 - Independent Distributor (ID)

Level 3 - Graduated Independent Distributor 

Remember that to complete your Level 1 registration you must need to use one of our Nipponflex Triple S FIR products (our mattresses line) or you need to complete the purchase of your new e-Energy Wellness Kit Premium.

If you already have a Nipponflex Triple S mattress or a Wellness Kit Premium, you are ready to go!

  • I already have my Nipponflex mattress
  • I already have my e-Energy Wellness Kit Premium
  • I don't have Nipponflex products and I want to buy my new Nipponflex Triple S mattress >>> Please click here
  • I don't have e-Energy Wellness Kit Premium and I want to buy now to complete my partner registration >>> buy here
Buy Here

IMPORTANT: Your partner registration will not be completed until you finish your purchase (Nipponflex mattress or e-Energy Wellness Kit)

If you still have interest in join our business opportunity but you don't want to buy any products, you can start here with no obligation to buy.