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To make a valid claim under the terms and conditions of the Nipponflex Mattress Warranty, you must:

  1. Read the full Mattress warranty for clarity on covered defects, what the mattress warranty does not cover, and your responsibilities.
  2. Provide valid original proof of purchase — your order receipt and number — demonstrating date of purchase and that the claimant is the original purchaser and still has the mattress.
  3. Provide photos of the legal tag proving that the legal tag remains on the bed and has not been altered, including a detailed photo of the serial number that is on the side of your product, the photo must clearly show the serial number and date of manufacture.
  4. Provide photos of the mattress uncovered and the claimed defect.
  5. For sagging, indentation and and body impression defects, provide photos of your foundation and/or rigid, solid surface or slatted bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the mattress and user(s). A proper bed frame is defined, for the purpose of this Mattress Warranty, as having at least five to six (5-6) leg support for a Queen, King, and California King Mattress, four (4) leg support for Twin and Full Mattresses. For Queen, King, and California King slatted style bed frames, there cannot be greater than five (5) inches between each slat in order to provide ample structural support for the foundation and user(s). A photo must show the total number of leg supports. Each slat needs to be a minimum of two and a half (2.5) inches wide. If slats are used without a foundation, a photo must show the slats. If a foundation is used, a photo must show the foundation without the mattress on it. If the purchaser uses an inappropriate foundation, box spring or base as determined by Nipponflex, the Mattress Warranty, without limitation, will be void. All bed frames and foundations sold by Nipponflex provide valid support.
  6. A brief narrative describing the defect and how it is affecting the performance of the mattress.
  7. Complete the online warranty claim form with all mandatory information described here, wait for the support team to contact you.


Important Notes:

  1. Our warranty claim team will review the information and respond within a few business days.
  2. You are responsible for submitting your complaint with sufficient supporting documentation for Nipponflex Mattress to provide a remedy, if necessary.
  3. If your Nipponflex Mattress is located outside of the US, you void the warranty.
  4. 30 days of regular wear are required before warranty claims for size variations can be considered. In 90% of these cases, just a little patience will allow you to get used to it and your mattress to accommodate you.
  5. This Mattress Warranty is non-transferable and applies only to a mattress purchased directly from Nipponflex USA by the original purchaser.